Valentango Midnight Ride

Meet around midnight on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at Tiffany Center (1410 SW Morrison St.)
Free coffee provided.

Enjoy spectacular night time views of the city as we ride through downtown, across the Steel Bridge and along the water down the east side esplanade to the Chelsea Ballroom.

This is a leisurely ride supportive of formal attire.

What? No bike, but you still want to ride? Rent a bike. Borrow a bike. Maybe, just maybe, as a matter of fact I know for sure, there will be a tandem or two with a free seat on the back. Come meet us at midnight if you want the classiest ride possible across town.

Below is the poster Portland’s own Rita Sabler designed for the event.

Valentango ‘08 Midnight Ride

Awesome, yes? Thank you Rita!

Find out more about Rita’s work:

4 thoughts on “Valentango Midnight Ride”

  1. This is great! Thanks for organizing and cultivating the interest. Now I’ll certainly bring my bike out!

  2. Can’t wait! I’ll bring some more of my famous brownies as a special incentive for two-wheeled tangueros…

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