Who tangos by bike?

You’ve heard the talk about riding, but are wondering who is actually riding a bike to tango. I’m adding pictures as I find them. This is about bikes, right? Or is it about tango? Let’s start with Argentina.

When Paola Motillo was visiting, I had the good fortune to ride with her up to OHSU. That’s right, UP the hill. When you ride up, you can take the tram down for free! Some of you may not have known that she is an avid bike rider at home in Buenos Aires. She was inspired enough by all the bike related activities in Portland to consider starting her own bike tours of Buenos Aires.

Paola on the tram with bike

Honestly though, who rides a bike in Buenos Aires? Just beautiful crazy tour guides? How about famous tango violinist Ramiro Gallo? I was watching Si sos Brujo which said on the jacket “It’s a Buena Vista Social Club of Tango.” In this documentary you can see Ramiro riding his bike through Buenos Aires with his violin on his back

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Borrow a copy of Si sos Brujo fom the Portland public library.

While I was reading the Portland tango mailing list the other day, I found a bunch of pictures from Bill Alsup’s Sunday practica. If you live in Portland, you will find that Bill enjoys bikes a lot, but how could you know about all the other people who ride a bike to tango? Here are a few that Bill captured just at his Sunday practicas.

Let’s take it from the top:

Bill with BOB trailer
Bill Alsup himself with a trailer load of practica supplies
Alex and Daniela
Alex and Daniela. Jennifer wishing she had a bike.
Liz after practica
Liz ready for the night ride.
Amie and Jan
Amie and Jan couldn't bear to leave the bike outside.
Laurie Ann

Jim with trailer
Barbara on her newly painted ride
Plenty of bikes, not enough racks!
Which one do you wish you were riding?
Jessica Roberts with Vanilla
Jessica Roberts with Vanilla
Emalee and gold mountain bike
Emalee and gold mountain bike
Oliver Kolker and Silvina Valz
Oliver Kolker and Silvina Valz
Mystery Rider