We have a lot to celebrate! Are you feeling the need to revel in the public space?

Put the Public in the public space! The dancing starts at Staccato Gelato. We will dance on our bikes up to the grand re-opening of the Northstar milonga. Enjoy all the starry/rainy/starry night has to offer as we ride through Portland’s stately northeast neighborhoods. If you’ve never taken the slow cruise along Tillamook, you are in for a treat. We’ll be taking the group ride friendly Rodney street route up north instead of the Williams bike lane so we can ride together. (Thanks to rider suggestion on that)

The Green Dividend
Riding your bike is not only good for you (and everybody else), but Jerry has generously offered to give bicycle riders a discount at the Northstar milonga. Ride your bike to the milonga and pay only $5. That’s my kind of carbon credit! The future is here today.

More Milonga Rides
With the addition of the Northstar, November is full of bike rides. I’ll lead a ride to the Northstar milonga each Thursday this month (minus Thanksgiving).

Dates: November 6, 13 and 20.
Meetup time 7:15 – 7:30
Place: Staccato Gelato (28th & Everett)

Note that the start time is pretty early for a milonga ride. The first ride leaves Staccato Gelato at 7:30pm. I may adjust the start time based on how long it actually takes us to get there. If we arrive at 8pm, you can get in 4 1/2 hours of dancing on a week night!