Northstar Opening Ride

Join the ride to the restarted Northstar milonga this Thursday night.

Date: Thursday, November 6
Meetup Time: 7:15 – 7:30pm
Place: Staccato Gelato (NE 28th and Everett)

The new Northstar milonga starts at 8pm and goes until 12:30am making it the longest weekday milonga. I want to be there for the grand opening, so we’ll be leaving my favorite starting place, Staccato Gelato, around 7:30pm. It usually only takes me around 20 minutes to ride there, but I’m allowing a little extra time to see how long it takes in leisure mode.

Hello Southeast. Yes, you in Ladds, Sunnyside, Kerns, etc., I’m expecting to see you in quantity… Let’s show the dedicated riders in NE that we can represent. The route will be roughly 28th to Tillamook to Williams to Alberta. See the route on the home page. Like the rides to Berretin, if you’re anywhere near the route in NE, please come join us.

The Northstar milonga was one of my favorites because in addition to being a great milonga, there are beautiful routes to ride a bike to get there, and you can bring your bike easily to the basement for safe dry parking.

The ride takes a leisurely 20 – 30 minutes.