Bike to work ride

This month is bike to work month. Back when I was in college, there was
bike to work day. Now we have bike to work month. Who says there’s no
hope for the human race?

If tango is your job, you can use tonight’s ride to fulfill some bike to
work time. If you just want to have fun, well, ok, this is for you. We
have a lovely evening ahead of us. The full moon is out. Did I mention
gelato? Come join the ride to tango!

For the bikes (walkers see below):

Date: Saturday May 9th.
Time: 9pm
Place: Staccato Gelato (NE 28th and Everett)
Details: This ride is a leisurely cruise through southeast Portland
along some great bike routes featuring big trees, handsome houses and
very little traffic. Unless it’s really hot, you may not even break a sweat.

Meet at 9pm, get some gelato, hang out. The ride leaves for Berretin at
9:30pm. This gives you a 30 minute window in which to arrive for the
ride. We should arrive at Berretin around 10pm. See you at 34th and
Clinton around 9:45 if you don’t want to meet for gelato.

Walkers, some of my best friends walk! I’ve even walk a bit myself. To
share the walking love, I want to give you a preview of a piece I worked
to educate drivers and pedestrians (mostly drivers, really) about
Oregon’s crosswalk law. This will be released next week, but you can
check it out here: Every Corner is a Crosswalk.