Milonga/Parkway Preview Ride

There are a lot of reasons to bike this weekend. Sure, the ride to Berretin will be the highlight, but oh the implications are so much greater…

Sunday Parkways in southeast practically starts at the end of the milonga! Saturday’s route will be a night time parkway preview.

You have from 9-4pm Sunday to enjoy the car-free parkway. Bring on your favorite form of non-motorized transportation – walking, dancing, bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade, hulahoop…do you need more suggestions?

I’ll be out for the early shift closing intersections to cars and managing traffic along the route and hope to see you there. See the fun and ask yourself (and then ask the city and the state) why we can’t do this every day…

Seriously, why be depressed by the article in the Mercury this week about benzene levels in Portland being among the highest in the nation? Who believes the Mercury anyway? So read it from DEQ

Benzene is all about gasoline poured into or burned up by motor vehicles. Don’t choke your friends and family! Drive less, breathe more. Come see what it’s all about Starting Saturday night.

Date:  Saturday August 15th.
Time:  9pm
Place: Staccato Gelato (NE 28th and Everett)
Meet at 9pm, get some gelato, hang out. The ride leaves for Berretin at
9:30pm. This gives you a 30 minute window in which to arrive for the
ride. We should arrive at Berretin around 10pm.

And remember…
You need a white light
on the front of your bike
to ride at night.