Pre Labor Day Tango Ride

Monday we’re joining our Canadian neighbors and Bermuda as the only countries that celebrate Labor Day in September. The story of Labor Day is interesting and still controversial.
Check them out here:

If you’re not too exhausted from striking for the 58 hour work week, you might have time to enjoy a pre-Labor Day ride to tango!

Date:  Saturday September 5th
Time:  9pm
Place: Staccato Gelato (NE 28th and Everett)
Meet at 9pm, get some gelato, hang out. The ride leaves for Berretin at
9:30pm. This gives you a 30 minute window in which to arrive for the
ride. We should arrive at Berretin around 10pm.

And remember…
You need a white light
on the front of your bike
to ride at night