Bike Month Ride to Berretin

Hola Cyclistas!

This is National Bike Month, so how about riding bikes to tango?
If you read this in time, maybe you will remember to bike to work on Friday May 18 – Bike to Work Day!

The weather has been nice and it looks to be that way on Saturday.
While National Bike Month refers to bicycles without motors, if yours has a motor, you can still ride along! Just remember when we arrive at Berretin, motorbikes are not allowed to park on Portland city sidewalks. (

Here’s the plan:

Date: Saturday May 19th
Time: 9pm
Place: Staccato Gelato (NE 28th and Everett)
Meet at 9pm, get some gelato, hang out. The ride leaves for Berretin at
9:30pm. This gives you a 15 minute window in which to arrive for the
ride. We should arrive at Berretin around 10:00pm.

And remember…
You need a white light
on the front of your bike
to ride at night
See you there!