Pair Number 17

Pair 17Girl skate shoes. It’s stingray really, but skate when you buy it at the fish counter. I found some stingray leather at the local leather store about 8 months ago when I was shopping for leather for pair 12. I found a black one that I wanted to use for my first pair of “heels.” My friend Jim, owner of Pair 12, bought a black one and held on to it until I was ready. Last week we went looking for a mate and all the black stingrays were too narrow. They had some in red, however, that were wide enough for the custom lasts I was using.

On my last trip to the Netherlands, my friend Mischa taught me his casting and last making techniques. These red shoes were the first shoes made on the pair of lasts we made together. Since the lasts were based on a cast of my wife’s feet, I was confident they would fit.

I finished them up only a few minutes before we left to go dancing in Portland. My wife danced the first set with me in the new shoes and kept them on for the rest of the night. She was reluctant to take them off when we got home! It was a real compliment. The compliment really belongs to Mischa who did most of the work on the lasts.

Custom size approximately 37, custom width. Stingray upper (two small stingrays were used, one for each shoe), German soling leather, leather heel, pig skin liner.