Pair Number 19

Green custom shoes with different colored pants.

Green. I like green. All the shoes I’ve made so far have had a lesson to teach. I put a lot into each pair, and they always take something out of me.

When I learned welting from Pietro in San Francisco, he was really unhappy about the German awl I was using. I really liked it because the point was very sharp and the shape of the awl easily went through the leather. Pietro still took issue with it. Suzanne told him to lighten up on me. “If his master taught him to use that awl and he likes it, let him use it,” she said. Sure when Pietro used his awl it looked easy, but I had tried that type of awl and didn’t really like it.

Making this pair I broke my German awl. I’ve made quite a few pairs of shoes with that awl and I’ve stabbed myself many times with it (this pair was no exception). I will really miss it. Ever since I got that awl from Ad Horvers in the Netherlands I’ve been looking for another one, just in case. I still haven’t managed to procure one. I do have an awl like Pietro wanted me to use (which Ad also gave me), and what do you know? When forced to use it, I found it did the job just fine. I’m still looking for another German awl, but for now, I know I can use this awl.

These shoes feature yellow dyed Italian soling leather that I’m experimenting with. Subtle up top, playful on the bottom.