Pair Number 21

Custom shoe number 21. Handmade shoe in two tones. Yellow quarter, green vamp.I have been thinking about two-tones for some time now. OK, ever since I started making shoes I’ve been thinking about it. I read about the process of brogueing in the book “Handmade Shoes for Men,” and have worried about it ever since.

That book talks about the rhythm the skilled hand gets into when punching the holes. Doing this by hand with a hole punch, I understand now how you develop a rhythm. Two tiny holes for each big hole adds up to 96 little holes for each shoe of these semi-brogues. Full brogues have more holes along the toe cap and along the lines of the heel counter. There’s an awful lot of punching going on to make a pair of full brogues.

These are deep green with yellow quarters. Dyed green vegetable tanned Italian soling leather, leather heels, and calf skin liner.