Bike Saddle Prototype #3

Seat prototype #3During the open house there were a lot of questions about the bike saddle prototypes I’ve been working on over the last several months.

Mostly I’ve been working on the leather and finishing. Some of my favorite shoes from Italy were finished by hand. I’ve been developing a finishing style for the saddles. Here’s saddle prototype number 3.

This saddle was handed off to a local guy for testing a few months ago. You might see it around Portland if he ever puts in on one of his bikes, which he had not the last time I checked in with him. I’ll give you a hint, he was in a story on in December.

The leather work is just about done. Before long it will be time to refine the frame.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    That is supper cool that you are working on bike saddles. (by the way this is augusto in your ‘milk coop’). I’d love to talk to you about saddles, and would love to test drive one – I commute by bike daily, do some races and team rides. We also sponsor Cycle Oregon with our coffee and it would be great to showcase something like this out there! Maybe we can chat when we do the next milk run!

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