Saddle #6

I owed a saddle to Marty Krogh of Art & Sole from way back. When I first moved to Portland I burned up a lot of his time discussing ideas with him. He also did some of his cool multicolor spraypaint work on a giant multi-spring Brooks saddle frame that I’ve been playing with.

When I received an e-vite the other day, I realized it was high time to finish the saddle I promised him. I’m not done with frame development so I got out my only other vertical spring Brooks frame and set it up for him. I never reply to e-vites, but sometimes go anyway. When I showed up unexpectedly at his party carrying a little red gift bag, the first words out of his mouth were “Is that my saddle?” Ok, so he clearly hadn’t forgotten. So much for the surprise.

It was a great party, with music by Trashcan Joe. Featured in the band was none other than shoemaker Bill Crary’s brother Mike Danner! And he was not the only shoemaker there beside me. It was like a shoemaker extravaganza.

Marty’s seat will go on his Lucky Bike, which is also red. Happy birthday Marty!

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  1. Jeff

    Ken Wheeler of Renovo gave me your web address. I saw a picture of one of his wooden bikes with a sleather addle and wanted to know where it came from. He directed me to you. Did you make it? If so do you make them commercially, or else, where could I get one. It looks really good. I have tried to attach a photo of a wooden bike I recently completed with a wooden seat. [The photo does not seem to have attached to this e-mail.] The wooden seat is a bit hard for long rides! I want to replace it with a leather one.

    If you would like to see the photo, let me know how I can attach it. Is there another e-mail address I can use.

    By the way, your shoes look fabulous. I live in Australia and what you say about the toughness of Kangaroo leather is quite correct. There is a boot maker here called RM Williams who is an Australian legend. He died only a few years ago, but his brand continues. Have a look on the Net.

    Best regards

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