Pair Number 29

Handmade shoes with bicycle stylingI’ve been thinking about what makes for a good summer shoe. I like the idea of large holes, as in Pair Number 25, and wanted to experiment some more with unlined designs. Summer in Oregon is nice and dry, so ventilation is all you get. If you live where summer means monsoon, these will participate fully in the precipitation.

The black sections are veg tan Italian calf and the brown sections are veg tan cow. I got the brown (wheat is the name of the color) leather from Larry Olmstead at Entermodal. I built them using welted construction, and then put on a Vibram Gumlite unit sole since I am going to take them traveling in June.

On Pair Number 25, I noticed that the holes made for great cooling effect while riding, but the all black upper made them warmer than I would like for a summer shoe. The brown quarters are definitely cooler.

I have a backlog of a few more pair of shoes to post, so don’t worry about the gap in sequence. More will be posted before too long.

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