Cement Construction

This is part of a series of shoemaking workshops. Take all the workshops and learn how to make shoes from start to finish, or just the one(s) that interest you.


There are many different types of shoe construction, the most common of which is using adhesives to bond the upper to the sole (and sometimes also to the insole. Known in the trade as “cement construction,” this course teaches how to make shoes by bonding the upper to the insole and the whole works to the sole. You will learn how to form a shoe upper around a last (lasting), how to make and last the supporting components like heel counters and toe puffs, how to attach it all to the insole, and finally attach unit soles with integrated heel. Most shoes in production today are made this way.

If you took the classes on upper making and pattern design, you can use that to make your shoes, otherwise an upper will be provided.

Date(s): Friday, September 28 2018 - Monday, October 1 2018
Time: 4:00 pm - 1:00 am

ExIT Shoes (inside Union Station, Portland, OR)

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