Speaking and Teaching

Learn about shoes and all of their pieces

I enjoy speaking and teaching about shoes and all of their pieces. I have presented lecture-demonstrations in such diverse settings as the Portland Art Museum’s Italian Style exhibit, OMSI Mini Maker fair, at Halo Shoes boutique, Faces of Agile, and here at my shop in Union Station. In addition to my listed workshops, I have given specialized workshops and presentations for major footwear companies based in the Portland area.

I am happy to offer one of my basic talks on shoemaking or a presentation focused on your specific interests. Cost varies based on the time involved, the types of hands-on activities, and the organization and audience. In some cases, a basic “Art and Science of Shoemaking” presentation can be arranged for the cost of travel and expenses. Depending on the facilities available at your location, some or all of the shoemaking workshops can be offered as well. Please contact me for details.