Xtracycle Pad

I recently added an Xtracycle Free Radical to my old GT Transit Express. I got it specifically to carry an adult passenger after consulting with the mechanics and other nice folks at Clever Cycles. Clever Cycles did the installation and let me test one of their pads. The pad had a beautiful floral pattern, but the padding was totally inadequate.

I decided to make my own pad and after some research chose closed cell foam for the padding. I found a great piece of outdoor fabric with a floral pattern at the Mill End fabric store and some elastic from my friend Matt Menely at Mountain Soles. After I finished my pad, I had plenty of foam left over for Matt. We thought it would be fun to make a video showing how you can make your own.

I spent quite some time editing it down. It is still slightly longer than Lord of the Rings, so I’m still working on it. Stay tuned and we’ll have it posted for you. There are probably some better designs out there, but this one will work.

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