Xtracycle Pad – the movie!

Ok, after many hours of editing, the first amateur how-to video co-production between Jeff Mandel of ExIT Shoes and Matt Menely of Mountain Soles is ready for viewing!

In this video we present how to make a pad for an Xtracycle. It’s basically a fabric slip or box cushion, wtih elastic straps to hold it to the Xtracycle Snap-Deck. I got the idea from a pad I tested from Clever Cycles. The first run of those had some room for improvement in the padding. I believe the maker of those pads may incorporate my suggestion for some more robust padding.

Whether you want to buy one or make your own, you may be interested to see how we made ours. There are a lot of design possibilities here. Let us know what you think.

Materials: Fabric and or leather for top, bottom and sidewall. Elastic, closed cell foam, contact cement and (optional) zipper. You can recycle jackets for good outdoor fabric and camping pads for closed cell foam.

Tools: Single edge razor blade or box knife, rotary cutters or scissors. Sewing machine.

This assumes some basic sewing skills and if you want to put in a zipper, it does not contain all the info really needed to face the zipper to match the material. We left that as an exercise for the viewer!

The movie!

Creative Commons License

Make an Xtracycle Pad by Jeff Mandel and Matt Menely is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


3 responses to “Xtracycle Pad – the movie!”

  1. Looks kewl 🙂 I will watch it soon… something to do when it’s dark and rainy!

  2. You guys rock. That Matt is sure to be discovered by Hollywood agents soon. Makes me feel crafty, just watching the pad take shape. Great video!

  3. Dang… you are making movies now! I will pass it along to Revolver next door, as Mark will be interested for sure.

    Don’t know if this is THE spot to comment on my bicycle saddle… but I’m here; so Thank You Jeff. As you already know, I love it and my LUCKY bike is complete. I’ve put some pics up at http://www.artnsole.net/lucky.htm

    Thanks also for the link!

    Oh and b.t.w. I should have my Troentorp clogs in a week or so. We’ll start with the Picasso in most sizes.

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