3D Talk at NW Material Show

3D talk at NW Material Show Jan 31, Feb 1 2024

On January 31 from 1 – 2pm and on February 1 from 11:00 – noon, I gave presentations on 3D technologies in fitting custom footwear. Thank you to everyone who attended!

The OCC AV technical team could not get the video working and we had to reschedule for 1pm. So sorry for the inconvenience all around. I would like to express my special thanks to Iris for lending me her laptop. Even though her keyboard and computer were Finnish, adding another technical challenge, she saved the day.

Hisham Muhareb, the show’s organizer, graciously allowed me to present this talk a second time on February 1.

Thanks to my old oversized backup laptop with built-in HDMI, it all went very smoothly. Who knew those usb-c to hdmi dongles from Dell, Cable Matters and Satechi, were not exactly reliable with certain projectors? Just saying…

If you missed it and are curious about how 3D technologies interface with custom shoemaking and their interplay with mass customization, please contact me!

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