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  • ¡Que Tiempo Aquel – What a time that was!

    ¡Que Tiempo Aquel – What a time that was!

    Movement, Clothing, and Shoes in Early Tango. Presentation in two parts by Manda Levie, Master of Dress and Textile Histories, University of Glasgow and Jeff Mandel, Shoemaker. A free seminar as part of the Valentango 2020 tango festival. Date: Saturday February 15Time: 5:00-6:30pmLocation: Alaska Room, DoubleTree Hotel, Portland Beginning with an overview of women’s fashion…

  • Two tone cordovan wingtips

    Two tone cordovan wingtips

    I made these two tone cordovan wingtips for a client who really wanted dress shoes, but he has wider than average feet, and much wider than average heels. He had never found a dress shoe that fit. The uppers feature quite a bit of broguing. Broguing is often done with a tool that has a…

  • Last making with paroir

    Last making with paroir

    When I first read the book Handmade Shoes for Men, I saw this picture: Der Leistenbauer (the last maker). I was struck at the time, and for many years to come, by the utter otherworldliness of the man, the tool and the activity. How was it that such a refined and beautiful shape was crudely…

  • Open House June 28, 2019

    Open House June 28, 2019

    After spending time with shoemakers in France and the Netherlands and visiting Texprocess, the Spenle last factory and Pfaff’s industrial machine showroom, I have a lot to share! Please join me for an evening of shoe talk and catching up. Date: Friday June 28, 2019Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pmLocation: ExIT Shoes in Union Station Light refreshments…

  • Visit to the Pfaff Industrial Showroom

    Visit to the Pfaff Industrial Showroom

    In what became the follow up to my visit to Texprocess, I visited the Pfaff industrial machine showroom in Kaiserslautern, Germany. For years I have wanted to go there. You can’t see it from this picture, but all of the postbeds are just to the left of this view. At the trade shows, you can…

  • Visit to Texprocess – Sewing machines and sustainability

    Visit to Texprocess – Sewing machines and sustainability

    Amazing and fascinating. One of the most interesting, and largest shows I’ve ever attended.

  • Casual low heel boots

    Casual low heel boots

    The client for these boots requested a low heel and something “very casual.” After discovering that the trial shoes I made for him were “too fancy,” I had to learn what his idea of casual meant. The opening between the quarters is a bit wider and there are some substantial eyelets. These boots feature a…

  • Learn to make shoes and all their pieces

    Learn to make shoes and all their pieces

    This year I am offering instruction on how to make shoes from start to finish. From lasts and feet through design and construction. You can take them all or just the shoemaking workshops that are of interest to you. The first set – Lasts and Sizing, Shoe Design and Pattern and Pattern Making, and Clicking…

  • Blue Court Shoes

    Blue Court Shoes

    Here is a blue court shoe, otherwise known as a pump. This pair was made with blue Italian vegetable tanned leather with a “waxy pull-up” finish. It gives the lighter accent to the blue in this case. The lining is vegetable tanned calf and the heel is Padouk wood capped with a Vibram heel cap.…

  • Makerszoon


    Last year while I was studying last making, orthopedic shoemaking and pattern techniques at the DHTA, I also had the good fortune to learn René van den Berg’s new shoemaking technique for the shoes he calls Makerszoon. At first glance these shoes might seem kind of rough. After 30 years of precision work, however, there’s…

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