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  • Xtracycle Pad

    Xtracycle Pad

    I recently added an Xtracycle Free Radical to my old GT Transit Express. I got it specifically to carry an adult passenger after consulting with the mechanics and other nice folks at Clever Cycles. Clever Cycles did the installation and let me test one of their pads. The pad had a beautiful floral pattern, but…

  • Bike Saddle Prototype #3

    Bike Saddle Prototype #3

    During the open house there were a lot of questions about the bike saddle prototypes I’ve been working on over the last several months. Mostly I’ve been working on the leather and finishing. Some of my favorite shoes from Italy were finished by hand. I’ve been developing a finishing style for the saddles. Here’s saddle…

  • Open house review

    Open house review

    Thanks everyone who showed up for the open house! I really appreciate the show of support from the people I invited and it was real treat to have so many new people come by. Thank you Jonathan Maus for the story on Your story brought in quite a few people to see the seat…

  • Open House

    I will be hosting an open house at my new workshop in the ActivSpace building (google map). My workshop is actually visible from the picture on the ActivSpace page. It’s the corner on the second floor. Date: January 19, 2008 Time: Noon to 4pm Address: The ActivSpace Building 833 SE Main St. #201 Portland, OR…

  • Moving to Portland

    I am excited to announce that I have moved to Portland, Oregon. I will be posting the details of my new address and shop information in the next two weeks. While the website may have been quiet, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more!

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