Leather, rubber and other

My vegetable tanned leather shoes will give your conscience and your feet a lot to feel good about.

Other Leathers

Exotic chrome tanned leathers are used by special request only. The European Union has made a concerted effort to cut down the use of chrome in tanning leather. Most of the glues used for shoe repair and construction in the US were banned some time ago in the EU. I use water based glues where possible.

Your health is as important as mine. In limiting my exposure to toxic materials, I limit yours too.

Basalt Fiber

Basalt fiber is a lot like carbon fiber. I have used basalt fiber to provide performance capabilities as needed by the particulars of specific client feet and shoes.

Basalt fiber can replace spring steel as a shank, or be used to make a 2/3 or full length midsole.

Basalt fiber midsole
Basalt fiber midsole

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